Pregnancy: Weeks 33-36

Week 33:  I’m not going to lie…I already miss running.  But I know right now this isn’t about me.  I’m doing my best to “love” the elliptical…I really am!  But those of you that are runners know that’s impossible!  I am so very thankful I have the elliptical at my disposal and I have my home gym that I can still pull up the garage door and get fresh air even while ellipticalling 🙂  I had been running every other day and lifting and using the elliptical opposite those running days, so I’ve added weights just about every day after doing the elliptical for 35-45 minutes.

Week 34:  It’s my 34th birthday week and I’m 34 weeks pregnant!  How fun!  Every year I do some kind of “crazy mileage” run in honor of my birthday, but obviously we’re bypassing that this year.  My wonderful mother and talented sister-n-law are throwing me a little baby sprinkle so that’s much more exciting than anything I could do to celebrate my birthday!  My mini-me couldn’t be more excited–she sure is going to be the BEST big sister ever!

Week 35:  


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