Pregnancy: Weeks 23-27

Week 23:  This is a special weekly post as we’re making this milestone while in Hawaii!!! What a blessing in so many ways! I have slept like a baby since arriving despite the (4) or us sleeping in a king size bed together! My husband complains that our daughter rolls into/under him all night long while I sleep through it all–THIS IS A FIRST!!! I’m trying to teach him how to lift her, move her and go back to sleep 😜 After all, lack of sleep has been my norm for nearly 5 years now! 

Our time on O’ahu has been full of so many memories and we sure will be sad to leave. 

On the running front, I couldn’t feel better! It’s definitely warmer and more humid than my recent runs at home, but I’ve literally slept 10 hours every night and haven’t been standing like I do at home with my job and even on the weekends when I’m getting the weekend grind completed. 

REST! Is THAT what this is?!? I’d say so! We haven’t experienced this since we were married on the Big Island nearly 8 years ago and it simply feels amazing! 

(I’ll eventually find time to write a separate post all about how we efficiently packed, stayed healthy and fully enjoyed the fruits of our labor via our trip!)

For now, belly shots on the coast of the Ko’Olina Resort on O’ahu 🌺

The linea nigra line is in full effect!

Week 24:  Our Hawaiian Vacation had to come to an end and it’s back to reality. It was funny coming back to work after being gone for a little over a week because it seems my belly “popped” while we were gone! I received several comments from colleagues and students … “so you really are pregnant after all!” As if I was lying my way through it all or something! LOL I had to remind them and myself that I am S I X months pregnant now! 😁
ANYWAYS, it was nice to get back to my workout grind, not so nice to be stuck on Island Time along with the daylight savings (hour loss) we experienced! I have been anxious to get back to hitting the weights and practicing yoga. I can tell (my hips especially) needed some good stretching and realigning after all that flight time. 

It’s been an exhausting week getting back on schedule but still sticking to my runs and workouts πŸ‘πŸΌ

Week 25: For whatever reason, I keep thinking I’m a week further along than I supposedly am…Hmmm. Maybe that’s an indication of a 37 week arrival?! I pray for a full-term pregnancy… whatever that means to keep us both healthy! But would gladly welcome this babe around that 37 week mark! 

We’re still struggling with the name game…is it normal to have issues with this?! Being a teacher for the last 10 years has really “ruined” some possibilities. And then the pressure Shakespeare placed on a name (“What’s in a name that which we call a rose!”)—there’s something so very symbolic in a name! 

On the fitness front, my SI Joint dysfunction had really reared itself lately. I was feeling some pelvic discomfort prior to our Hawaii trip, but noted with the amazing rest I was receiving there, it seemed to go away. This time I think it’s a combination of lack of yoga while traveling, traveling for so many hours and of course, baby’s continued growth along with the entrance of the infamous relaxin hormone. 

On my Instagram & Facebook pages, I’ve posted a circuit I have been using to try and keep the pain at bay. I also “reset” my SI during yoga last weekend, heard the “pop” and have felt some relief since. Basically, it’s a way of realigning the pubic symphysis πŸ™„. 

So, my running and workouts continue although I’m certainly making modifications in yoga (still no twisting away from baby, easing my way through upward facing dog, using the wall for inversions, avoiding arm balances that force me to suck in my core…mostly common sense!) 

Week 26: Well, Spring has sprung here in the Carolina’s and I’m hoping and praying my allergies are able to relax through all the blooming. I don’t like the idea of taking any medication while growing this little babe…especially not meds I can probably avoid through sucking it up and using natural remedies! So I’ve been using my saline nasal rinse, staying hydrated and avoiding extra unnecessary time outside (unfortunately 😭). I’ve also ordered the “Belly Bandit” in hopes for SI Joint relief and maybe even relief from this groin pain I’ve been dealing with so I’m anxious for its arrival! It better be worth the money! 

Week 27: This week has been so much fun as I’ve been “tracked out” and my little girl has her Spring Break from preschool as well! I’m feeling the pressure of wanting/needing to get the nursery done and kind of wish I’d searched and ordered everything prior to being off so I could just put things together while off. BUT, that’s in a perfect world where I’m not working 40+ hours a week! 

So the journey of “50 Shades of Grey” <for the nursery> has begun! We’re attempting to go grey on the walls and create an “All-American” nursery with decor πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

I’m completing the infamous glucose test at the beginning of the week and then having another level 2 ultrasound mid-week because of my baby girl having kidney reflux during my first pregnancy. 

UPDATE: Passed the glucose test, all blood work is good and ultrasound was perfect! God is so good βœοΈπŸ™πŸ»πŸ’•

And Happy Easter βœοΈπŸ£πŸ‡


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