Pregnancy: Weeks 18-22

Week 18:  When we found out we were pregnant with our first, it was kind of a “no brainer” that we’d want to find out the gender as I’m a teacher and a planner…and also knew either way, I’d have to somewhat prepare my husband since he didn’t grow up babysitting small children the way I had.

But with the second, one of the “hot questions” I was asked continuously when we initially shared the news was “So, will you find out what you’re having?”  And to be honest, I started out saying “no”.  At this point, we already have a healthy little girl, I really didn’t care one way or another (and still don’t!) if we would have the blessing of another little girl or if we’d have the blessing of learning the ways of being parents to a little boy.  But as the pregnancy progressed (and the nausea grew worse!) I started to have strong thoughts we were having a boy.  Although many love to share their thoughts and assured me despite having two of the same gender, each of their pregnancies were totally different…I continued to be convinced this would be a boy.

And to that, I knew we had to prepare our sweet girl.  She “knew” I was pregnant even before we sat her down to tell her  (“Mommy, of course you are!  I prayed and asked Jesus to put a baby in your belly so that’s why there’s a baby in there!”).  But in the same breath, she was also convinced she was having a baby sister and they’d live on to play hours of dress up and Shopkins and tea parties and princess Sophia.  So we decided we’d find out–take a peak below or visit our Accel-HER-ate Fitness FB or Instagram page πŸ’•

Gender Reveal


  Week 19: 

Week 20: Half way there! What a milestone and blessing to be halfway to meeting this little one…maybe more than halfway considering we met our sweet girl at 39 weeks in our first pregnancy. Running and workouts are about the same though the weather in our area has been warm, causing a bit more swelling than is desired. I sprained my left foot in college so that poor thing is usually the determinant for me as to whether the humidity and temperature has risen. 

Week 21: Life continues to move on though running has become a bit uncomfortable lately. It seems my little boy is still tiny enough to find his way into the “cradle” my pelvis creates for him, placing much undesired pressure on my pelvic floor while running. We are heading to Hawaii next week for a vacation with my in laws! I just want to be able to run a few times there!!!! I have a mid-wife appointment the Monday before we leave, so I’ll be sure to share my concerns about the pelvic pressure. 

Week 22:  So, I had my <monthly> midwife appointment today and all was fine. Have I mentioned I have “white coat syndrome” so I have to request my blood pressure being taken at the end of my appointment?!? What a head case! I think I just fear doctors… that’s it. The whole idea of seeking help from a doctor totally rocks my world crooked. And because of my first pregnancy experience and the poor bed side manner those doctors had, I’m somewhat scarred. But I’m really enjoying the current practice and hope it only continues to go well! 

Nonetheless, my midwife wrote me a prescription for these sexy compression stockings/thigh highs to wear on the plane right to & from Hawaii! πŸ˜‚ And of course they’re super expensive and not covered under insurance because I don’t have s pre-existing condition (which is actually not true considering I have to seek out “disability” as a state employee if I want any sort of monetary compensation for my maternity leave) At any rate, those things may be the least sexy thing I’ve ever worn (I told the hubs I bought a new get-up for Hawaii πŸ’ƒπŸΌ) but they were amazingly effective and I’m so thankful I had them. When I got off the plane and finally made it to our destination where I could comfortably strip down, I had ZERO swelling! Not even the infamous sprained foot! So, I totally recommend them to anyone who is prego and traveling, especially those in the second or third trimester! 

She also said the pressure is totally normal and to get my “Rave Runs” in the books while in Hawaii and consider tapering my runs once I return. She mentoned with the second baby you feel the swelling, pressure… RELAXIN HORMONE… working much earlier than it all happened with the first. It makes sense but still stinks! 


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