Pregnancy: Weeks 15-17

Week 15:  I’ve started sharing my exciting news with my students at school. I need to prep them well ahead of time as I will be close to the end of the pregnancy when I teach about reproductive health & safety so I’m trying to eliminate crazy questions in that moment by sharing now! I’m so thankful for continued relief from the nausea and I’ve been feeling that little orange fluttering around. God is good! As for running and workouts, I’ve continued to slow down significantly and continue to focus much of my workouts on keeping my hips and pelvic floor engaged and strong. Certain poses are starting to feel “strange” in yoga and I’m simply listening to my body and making modifications. My belly “pops” at night after dinner and my baby girl comments that “[your] belly is getting sooo big”. She has no idea what’s to come!!!

Week 16: My students ran their “mid-year” timed mile run for FitnessGram fitness testify this week so I took advantage of the opportunity to share my news collectively as a group. As they grumbled and complained about ONE MILE, I let them know my FOUR MONTHS PREGNANT SELF ran 6 miles the previous day and 5 miles [today]. Both aspects of the news brought many surprised faces and I truly feel a bit of a different level of motivation to each of them. I’m continuing to feel better and more “alive”…still enjoying an olive and artichoke fetish and even had a grilled cheese and pickle sandwich! 

Week 17: We are getting super close to our “gender” ultrasound! Hard to believe it’s almost that time! I’ve continued running and working out and am feeling the need to “modify” certain yoga poses–no twisting into/toward the body and being more careful when “folding”-but overall feeling pretty strong! I’m also continuing to adore the Greek pasta salad from Noble Pig and highly recommend it! We’ve had several warmer days of weather this week and it’s making me dread summer’s arrival as the warmth makes me feel swollen and bloated! 


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