Pregnancy: Weeks 13-14

Second Trimester…I SEE you!!! 

Week 13:  I do see you second trimester…I just don’t feel you quite yet! Last night was awful… nausea…chills…seriously thought it was the flu or the stomach bug. But I woke this morning and had an awesome S T R O N G run (7:35/mile), so who knows! I guess this is God’s way of prepping us for the unpredictability we experience with the birth of a new addition! Perhaps the flu-like symptoms was the nausea exiting loudly because I’ve also started desiring greens and veggies again!!!! Yay!!! 

Week 14:  Yes! Yes! Yes! I feel the reprieve  coming on! I hope I don’t jinx myself! But seriously, the nausea is letting up a bit, making me feel like a new woman! Praise God! 

I’m also pumping lots more blood to help baby as I’m entering into THE SECOND TRIMESTER where major growth occurs! So, I’m starting to see a bit of a slower pace in my running…and I totally welcome it! It’s actually quite relaxing to just get out there and run with no expectations of performance except just moving my body for baby and I! 


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