Pregnancy: Weeks 10-12

Week 10: The nausea continues…which is a good sign, but just a terrible feeling. It’s definitely worse in the evening so whoever came up with “morning sickness” clearly didn’t take a vote. But having a bowl of cereal, against my better advisory to non-pregnant clients, has helped curb the feeling throughout the night. I am thankful daily that I’m still able to get up and run and/or cross train. In fact, I honestly feel my best when my soles are hitting the pavement. Go figure!

Week 11: My holiday break from work is so timely as I’m looking forward to the opportunity to chill out and relax as well as hopefully giving more attention to my sweet 4 year old. The nausea continues though I’ve had a day or two this week that was minimal, so here’s to hoping that as we approach “the second trimester” that things will start to feel better!!! Still running and back to a pretty decent pace, too. One of my mile splits this week was actually 7:25! So, figuring baby is becoming less dependent on ME as far as “breathing” goes.

WEEK 12:  The nausea seems to be tapering off a bit, or at least allowing me to add back more foods I enjoy eating.  My four-year old had a wonderful idea to have fruit salad with dinner one night, so we headed to the grocery store and stalked up!  I’ve also been able to stomach smoothies, so I’m feeling much better about the nutrients I’m pulling in.  My running and workouts continue to be pretty strong, all things considered.  I’m trying my best to use abdominal bracing and “pulling in” techniques while running to maintain the strength of my transverse abdominal muscles and also my pelvic floor.  I’ve also begun to adjust any abdominal exercises I would typically do in my workouts since I’ve entered the magical “12 week” marker! (Typically, the roll of thumb is when your tummy starts to “pouch” out when performing a crunch or similar abdominal exercise, modifications need to begin!) But up until that point, continue to listen to your body!


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