Pregnancy: Weeks 5-9

At this point, things are sinking in.  If you were hoping to be pregnant, you’re becoming more aware of the symptoms (fatigue, bloating, nausea, increased appetite, frequent need to pee, food aversions, etc.)  Maybe you’re not feeling anything majorly different–that’s how my first pregnancy was.  My breasts were sore, but other than that, life carried on, the miles continued to be logged, workouts stayed about the same!

WEEK 5:  I am still running somewhat “normal” at this point…I’m able to tell my breath isn’t as efficient, but the average person wouldn’t.

WEEK 6:  This week was a game changer.  Times slowed down by about 45 seconds per mile AND the HELLLOOOOOO, Nausea!  This was a major difference from Pregnancy # 1.  I recall having nausea, but it was gone as soon as I ate—whatever I wanted to eat.  THIS time around, it doesn’t go away and I have NO appetite.  I feel my BEST when running or working out and make breakfast ASAP after I’m done.  The mommy guilt is setting in as I typically have greens with both lunch and dinner and at the moment I want NOTHING to do with ANY VEGETABLES!

WEEK 7:  Nausea, nausea and more nausea.  I’m thankful this week because it’s Thanksgiving week and I have the week off from work.  But I’m definitely a sorry excuse for a mom to my 4 yr. old!  She’s so amazing though and so self sufficient.  She’s been taking great care of mommy–good prep for when she becomes big sister (officially!).  Still able to run…times resemble last week’s.

WEEK 8:  Back to work I go!  Evolution Fresh Cold-Pressed Organic Orange Juice has become my best friend as I head back and have to figure out how to “feel good” while teaching middle school students (and not have them question where my usual energetic self is!?!)  I’m also on a soup kick.  If it’s in the form of a brothy soup, I can totally ingest it.  If it’s creamy or more solid–forget it.  SO STRANGE!  I’m also able to ingest carrots and zucchini in the soups so I’m feeling a bit more confident in my diet.

Runs and workouts have still been consistent.  I definitely feel the nausea coming if I push beyond an hour of time spent working out.  In yoga, I’m easing up on any of the asanas with twisting–just not going into a full twist.  I think this is more less due to bloating and gas, but it just doesn’t feel “right”.  I’m not showing at this point, but definitely look like something is different by the end of the night as the bloating is in full effect 🙂

Our 8 week old peanut blessing 💗

WEEK 9:  Soup continues to be the only food that I can get somewhat excited about, but I’ve also realized the nausea is worst at night, so I’m trying to get as many calories in at the beginning of the day! I’ve taken a few days off cardio as I had some “old blood” dispel just as I did around this time with my first pregnancy. We went in to be checked to make sure everything was ok, and sure enough it was 🙏🏻 Praise God! But I figured taking a few days off would do baby and I good since I’m down a few pounds anyways from the nausea/lack of appetite. 


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