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Pregnancy: Weeks 1-4

You’re P R E G N A N T!  There wasn’t just one line…but two!

And now you’re thinking about all the ways your life is about to change.  Well, one thing that doesn’t have to is all that hard work you’ve been putting into your health and fitness regimen.  The roll of thumb is if you’ve been active before pregnancy, you should be able to continue (with some modifications as time goes on) throughout your pregnancy–it’s ENCOURAGED!  There’s so many benefits to exercising through pregnancy.

WEEK 1:  So, technically you’re not pregnant yet.  This is the first week after your last cycle.

WEEK 2:  This is the week ovulation occurs so this would be considered your point of conception.  You’re still not noticing much unless you’re tracking ovulation with the ol’ stick.

WEEK 3:  For me, this is when I started to get the hint something was up.  I was out on a typical morning run and at one point, I stopped short because of feeling out of breath.  I typically push myself during workouts but I wasn’t pushing any harder than normal and wondered if there was a possibility…I wear my Fitbit at night as my “silent alarm” in the early mornings so I don’t wake my hubby and just to humor myself, I took a look to see if there were any changes in my resting heart rate.  Sure enough, it had started increasing by FIVE beats per minute!  CRAZY!

WEEK 4:  Confirmed positive test!!!  The Cubbies won the World Series the night before and I just had to find out if there could be more than just a Cubbies win!  Sure enough…and starting to see decreases in my mile times.  I think some of this was subconscious…knowing I was brewing a baby and also knowing I needed to be a bit more aware of just how hard I was pushing myself, but for the most part, many won’t realize at this point they’re carrying a passenger unless they’ve really been paying attention to their cycle and the small signs (like elevated heart rate, breathlessness, etc.)



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