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Leftover Turkey Enchiladas with Paleo Sauce

After Thanksgiving, my husband reminds me of an enchilada casserole his mom always made with leftover turkey.

So, when I remembered a Paleo version of Enchilada sauce from the amazing Danielle Walker from Against All Grain, I felt inspired! I then found this easy Turkey Enchilada recipe. Together, they were a simple dinner match!

For the Sauce: 

Melt the ghee over medium heat in a medium sized sauce pan. Once melted, add your arrowroot. Keep whisking until dissolved–Danielle suggests 2 minutes.

Add your spices and continue to stir in until fragrant. I didn’t have just plain chili powder so I used a tablespoon of taco seasoning and it turned out just fine!

Add your tomato paste and chicken stock, whisking until combined.

Let simmer for 5 or so minutes.

For the enchiladas: 

Set the oven temp to 375 and lay out your wraps/soft tortillas.  We used whole wheat wraps from Trader Joe’s. We also only used 6 instead of 12 and adjusted the rest of the ingredients accordingly.

Shred your turkey. Sprinkle a line of cheese and then top with turkey down the center of each wrap. If using black beans, top with that.

Lightly grease a baking dish and coat with a thin layer of Enchilada sauce. Roll each tortilla and place tightly next to one another in dish.

Spread another layer of Enchilada sauce over the rolled wraps and to with more cheese.

Place in the oven for 15-20 minutes and enjoy!


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