Paleo Carrot Cake Cookies

…with raw cashew icing.  Did THAT catch your healthy tooth attention?! These cookies were such a great find a few days ago from Running to the Kitchen.  Maybe I’m just getting better at this cooking/baking thing, but these weren’t too bad to whip up and they even involved the food processor! 


ingredients (most of them)
I needed to prep our raw veggies for the week so this was a 2-for-1… Win-win… I was able to peel extra carrots for prep and for the recipe. 

My 3-yr old enjoyed the soaking of the cashews!  You can see her tiny hands taking full dibs on waiting on them.

While they’re soaking, shred your carrots and get your dry ingredients measured in a big mixing bowl. 


Aren’t they beautiful?!?
I used my big glass measuring cup to melt the coconut oil and then added the egg, maple syrup and vanilla, whisking until mixed.  It made for less clean up to do it this way!  

Having it in the measuring cup made it much easier to pour into the dry ingredients as well!  

Once the wet and dry ingredients are mixed, you’re ready to fold in the shredded carrots. Everything will clump together and form the “dough”. 


The author suggested using 3 tbsp to scoop out and place on the cookie sheet but I opted for using a little over a Tbsp and felt that was the perfect amount. So, scoop out the dough and place it on your parchment lined cookie sheet (can I just send a shout out to the creator of parchment paper?!? SERIOUSLY!)  

  Stick these babies in the oven at 350 for just 12 mins and they’ll come out perfect! As noted by the author, they may not seem completely done when the buzzer goes off and you check them, but they’ll continue to bake a bit after you take them out, so trust me with the 12 minute marker! 
Now for the ICCCCIIINNNG! 😜


I drained my cashews and as I put the coconut butter in the food processor (on top of the cashews), I glanced at the expiration date that read “June 2015)!!! 😳 

I quickly dumped everything in a strainer and revived my soaked cashews (ain’t nobody got time for another hour of soakin!!!!) So, I replaced the coconut butter with ghee. Continued adding the rest of the ingredients and let the magic begin as I pulsed the ingredients! (The 5ish minutes it took to cream-i-fy this icing allowed my OCD to clean the rest of my mess! 🙌🏼  


I did have to use my rubber spatula to “scrape” the sides and mix a little more several different times, but it turned out beautifully! 

Once the cookies have cooled, spoon the icing on them and INDULGE! 

I’m storing mine in the fridge 😍 Hope you enjoy! 



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