In the spirit of “Fuller House” (cut-it-out reference) making its debut so very soon, I concurred when my daughter begged to use our new Valentine cut outs we scored on sale at our local Kroger. 

Of course that then called for a recipe search to find something fun we could make to be “cut out”. I stumbled on this wonderfully unique Christmas cut out cookie recipe from Health Extremist. Her instructions were perfectly written, easy to follow and they came out exactly how she said they would! After all, no one likes a Pinterest fail! 


So much fun for my daughter!
Here’s what you’ll need:  
You can follow the instructions on her site linked above, but this is what I decided and it worked perfectly! 

First I mashed the banana with a fork in a big bowl, adding the eggs as the banana was about half way mashed. 

Meanwhile, in a glass measuring cup, I measured out the raw honey, butter (I used ghee), and the coconut oil. I then melted it together in the microwave to allow everything to mix and liquefy. 

I added the measuring cup mixture to the bowl with the bananas and eggs and folded the coconut flour in as well. As I am writing this, I’m realizing I left out the salt! No worries– they’re still delish! I think that’s quite a lot of salt anyways!

After stirring together, I taped the parchment paper (as seen in the picture), to the countertop for clean-up purposes and because I knew my 3 year old would be fast and furious about agreeing to come help cut out the cookies! 

We lined two cookie sheets with parchment paper and had a blast cutting them out with our new little cutters! 

They baked beautifully for about 9-10 minutes at 350. 

They’re just sweet enough and have a hint of banana! You could easily spread some almond butter or Jason’s Hazelnut butter on them for an even sweeter treat! 


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