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Double Chocolate Banana Bread

As this crazy Blizzard of 2016 sweeps across the east coast, keep your belly happy with this easy and delish Paleo banana bread-based goodness from Ambitious Kitchen.  To be honest, we served these as a sweet treat/dessert because they’re pretty rich and the chocolate content makes it more of a treat than a breakfast item! 

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread


chocolately goodness

The ingredients are simple and with it being another “blender” recipe, life is good! 


In your blender, mix your wet ingredients (bananas, eggs and vanilla). The original recipe suggests mixing the dry ingredients (excluding chocolate bar) in a separate bowl, but I suppose you could just add the dry to the wet and blend again. But eventually, you’ll crush the chocolate bar and fold it into the rest of the ingredients, so you decide 😀

After I mixed both the dry and the wet, I had my toddler help use a mallet and crush the bar of chocolate. I would suggest taking it out of its packaging first or you may end up with tiny pieces of the wrapping in your chunks (yes, this happened).  

We found this chocolate bar at Kroger in the health foods section. There’s a fun story behind its origins!
mix the dry & the wet
Fold the chocolate chunks into the mix and pour into your greased pan. 

It bakes quickly at 350– ours was done in about 20 mins!!

I’m sure you could put your choice of nuts in the “bread” as well! 

Let me know how you enjoy yours! 


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