Never too late for Cranberries! 

To finish off this week of breakfast ideas, I wanted to share one last one we finished making this evening before my baby girl went to bed. The recipe comes from  Cook Eat Paleo and is quite simple and delicious! I’d snagged a bag of fresh organic cranberries at Trader Joe’s last weekend because they just sounded fun and I knew there was some Paelo recipe out there if there wasn’t one in either of the cookbooks I got for Christmas! 

Here are the ingredients 😀

It has pretty basic ingredients as I’m sure you could sub coconut oil for the ghee and it uses almond flour but I’m sure you could sub coconut or a mix of the two if you’d like. I also cut the honey down to 2 tbsp and used raw honey specifically. 

The last “change” I made was placing the better in mini muffin style so it would be more kid-friendly and because my little princess has an obsession right now with “taking the wrapping” off things– post-Christmas Blues or obsessed with watching these bizarre You Tube Disney Collector videos.  Who knows! But having a little cupcake wrapping around them is sure to make breakfast that much more exciting! 

  Just a quick picture of how pretty the orange zest was against the almond flour! 

One last thing, if you opt to make them mini, bake them for 8-10 minutes keeping an eye on them and add 2 minute increments accordingly! I think mine ended up being done after about 12 minutes! 



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