Happy New Year!

The start of a “New Year” means so much [and so little] to many people.  For some, they have already mentally or literally written out their resolutions, found a “resolution” buddy and are well on their way to making “changes” in the New Year.  Others may develop their resolutions as they try to wake after the previous evening’s festivities.

What does this “new year” mean to you?  What if, instead of listing a bunch [or a few] changes you want to make you take a minute to meet yourself right where you are right now?

See, we put so much emphasis on “the holiday season” which is closely followed by “the new year”, treating the “new year” as the “fix” for whatever happened in the previous months of our life.  All of this happens for us to simply realize a few weeks in that change doesn’t happen overnight.  It doesn’t happen just because the clock changes forcing the year to re-start.  Change must happen as a conscious effort to accel-her-ate forward.

Accel-HER-ating Your New Year

For centuries and in many cultures, this “new year” is used as means of “rebirth” or “rejuvenation”.  It’s the marking of the end of good and bad though the beginning of better.

What will this mean to you?  

Often we begin the year with a determination unmarked by any other followed by an array of goals we MUST achieve.  And unfortunately for many, several days or weeks later, those solid efforts crumble and leave us back where we were the previous year.

So, how will you assure you are headed toward better this year?

Start by thinking just that…you’re attempting better.  You can’t expect that simply because the clock struck midnight, your pumpkin will remain a carriage because you’re willing it to do so.  Something has to actually change…accel-her-ate.  

What does your better look like?  

Do yourself a favor and think about what your better could look like if you made one change today.  Make that change.  Then think about what your better might look like if you made that change each day for a week.  Follow that with making that change each day for two weeks…you get the point.

When it comes to your health, fitness…your wellness…you’re attempting to break trends and behaviors you’ve developed over years.  Often times, these changes carry lots of emotions and behaviors (as briefly addressed in my previous post).

For example, let’s pretend someone makes multiple comments in “the previous year” about wanting to lose weight.  Of course this is legit and a typical “resolution” for our American culture.  This person “resolves” to eat healthy and exercise.  Great plan…that will certainly make this person better.  But what does this better look like for one day?  How could this person expect themselves to “eat healthy and exercise” when it’s not a normal behavior they’re used to performing?  How are they then, supposed to resolve to make this happen for an entire year?

This is where those individual, baby steps come in.  I urge you to take a look at all the “changes” you wish to accomplish and find the common denominator.  Are they all summed up by behaviors?  (less time on social media to make more time for exercise? waking earlier to make sure you have quiet time before starting your day?  prepping food/meals so our fuel is more energized throughout the day?)  Or is the common denominator more of a mindset? (fear of failure? undeserving of better? reluctance to do better for self?)

Decide what IT  is and get over it.  Allow better to be greater than whatever your barrier is and go for it this time.  Start strong and finish stronger. Identify those barriers which will attempt to suck your energy before it’s even given an opportunity to spread elsewhere and zap it!  The only thing separating you from your better is yourself!

Throughout this year, I hope you’ll allow me to seek my better along side you.  I am not resolving to reach my goal now, tomorrow, or even next week.  But I am promising that better will be mine and it can be yours, too.

After all, this is the only way we will Accel-HER-ate our Fitness.  Cheers to 2016!



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