Breakfast with a Bang! 

Good Morning! 

Happy New Year to you and yours from mine and ours! 

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, here’s how we’re starting our new year, individualized for everyone’s pallet and only takes a few minutes to make:

The two-minute Paleo muffin courtesy of Delighted Momma

My daughter is delighted when I say “would you like chocolate chip ‘pancakes’ for breakfast?”, responding as any child would if their mommy offered chocolate in the morning! So I sub hers with a sprinkle of Enjoy Life brand chocolate chips! (Of course the berries are still on the side!)

For mine, I may add a serving of chia and/or hemp seeds to up the protein and fiber and add a different texture via the chia seeds. I typically use less than the suggestion for honey as well. I have two egg whites on the side, too! 

But what I really LOVE about this quick breakfast is I can make it the night before! Isn’t that every [working] mom’s dream?!?💗

Cheers to the beginning of your best year yet! 


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