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Health & Fitness Self-Sabotage: Putting the Past Behind, Accel-HER-ating into the Future

We’ve all heard the quote…something about putting the past behind us so we can move on into the future.  It’s a great quote and holds a lot of truth.  But how does that relate to our journey of health and fitness?

There’s a term often used in the fitness industry, specifically among figure competitors and body builders, whose nutrition is of utmost importance to the performance of their goal.  In the world of psychology, the term self-sabotage is simply a behavior that creates problems or interferes with a person’s ability to achieve their long-standing goals.  This can be extremely debilitating, especially when we relate it to our health and fitness goals.

Even crazier, sometimes we’re not even aware of our own self-sabotage.  Sometimes this is a behavior that began when we were much younger and has been enabled by years of consistency and discipline being fed to this destructive behavior.  Other times, it’s something that’s begun due to a change in our life, providing us with a way to “cope” with these changes.  Whatever the muse of this behavior, it’s imperative to discover its beginnings so we can “put the past behind, and accel-her-ate into our future”.

Disclaimer:  I am not a psychologist.  The ideas shared in this post are strictly my own opinion based off personal experience and input from others.  If your self-sabotaging behaviors go beyond that discussed in this post, please seek professional counsel–you deserve that for yourself and your family!

Identifying the Behavior

If you’ve ever embarked on a promise to better your wellness, whether it be by eating healthier, exercising more, speaking more kindly, or believing more positively, then you know the frustration that follows when that goal is left unmet.  You feel like a failure.  You feel like it’s just not your time to accomplish that feat or maybe even perhaps that you don’t deserve what the outcome may have ended up being.

From a health and fitness perspective, this is where you must take the time to identify why you gave up and decided to step away.  When you first decide you are in need of a change with your health and fitness, you must determine how much it truly means to you.  Ask yourself these questions:

1) What are you willing to give up in order to accomplish this?

2) What are you willing to give in order to make this happen?

3) What are your outside barriers related to accomplishing this task?

So often, it’s our own self-worthlessness or lack of confidence that mutilates our every attempt to achieve.  With that being said, having an accountability partner or joining a weight-loss group is a great idea.  Allow that person or group to help build your own ability to cheer yourself on and get you to where you want to be!

Sacrifice comes with anything worth having so identify why these sacrifices are worth making.

AccelHERated Thinking

A friend recently shared a quote from the book Change Your Thinking Change Your Life by Brian Tracy.  The quote reads:

“There is a law in psychology that if you form a picture in your mind of what you would like to be, and you keep and hold that picture there long enough, you will soon become exactly as you have been thinking.”  

Let that sink in for just a moment.  Now, recall what was just discussed in the previous section above.  We often times become victims of our own mind because of these repetitive behaviors and we allow these thoughts to crowd any available space we could otherwise be filling with positive, nourishing thoughts.

After years of self-sabotage, these thoughts tend to come naturally.  These are the barriers you can add to your answer to question three above:  These are the things that will completely contradict the things you’re willing to give up in order to give in.  And for many of us, this is going to be a complete change of thinking…all the way down to the thoughts as we wake or fall asleep at night, the center of our core.

So, what is different about this upcoming year that will allow you to finally succeed.  What are the changes you need to make?  What do you need in order to be successful?

Figure it out and stay tuned!




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